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Gestational Carrier

Uploaded on August 10, 2014

New York City IVF – Gestational Carrier.

My name is Amr Azim, I am a reproductive endocrinologist at New York City IVF. Some men or women need to use a gestational carrier for reproduction. Single men and same sex male couples would need a gestational carrier to carry the pregnancy in addition to an egg donor. Some women would require a gestational carrier either because of a disease that affected the uterus and precludes conception, for example unfavorable lining or scarring inside the uterus or the need to remove the uterus for a tumor or multiple uterine fibroids and so on. Also some women cannot get pregnant in their uterus although it is healthy because they are affected by a disease that prevents them from getting pregnant or make it risky for them to get pregnant or they do not desire to get pregnant in their own uterus for example after breast cancer treatment and cure.

A gestational carrier is a woman that would carry a non genetically related embryos and then would deliver them to the parents at the end. The gestational carrier is usually a mother herself, she has already conceived and delivered her own children. Women that are suitable as gestational carriers are women that have undergone an uneventful pregnancy before without any medical complications and they have delivered vaginally or using cesarean section, they are in an environment of nurture and care that they can take care of themselves during pregnancy with the embryos for their intended parents, the lining of the uterus is excellent, they don’t have any abnormalities inside the uterus, and they are willing to undergo all of the tests for infectious disease and the preparation of the lining. They undergo psychological testing to indicate that they are aware of the risks and benefits of the procedure, the eggs are usually the biological mother’s eggs, or eggs that are donated by an egg donor. The eggs are fertilized with partner sperm and the resulting embryos are transferred into the uterus. This transfer can be performed simultaneously, meaning synchronously, as the carrier is being prepared while the mother is being stimulated, and the embryos are transferred in the same cycle. Or it also could be done when all of the embryos are frozen and the lining of the carrier is prepared at a different stage and the embryos are transferred into the uterus.