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Fertility Treatments : Get Pregnant Naturally

Uploaded on August 10, 2014

Get Pregnant Naturally


My name is Amr Azim I’m a reproductive endocrinologist with New York City IVF. If you’ve been trying to conceive naturally usually the first step is to try natural conception.

There is a lot of inaccurate information related to how you should do that. Information tied to the need to time intercourse close to the time of ovulation. For example, some common advice is to try to time the ovulation using the ovulation predictor kit or by assessing the quality of the cervical mucus, how long will it stretch? Or in relation to other methods related to symptoms. Some women also purchase expensive intelligent thermometers to measure their basal body temperature. Actually, all of these methods have not been proven to increase the chance of natural conception.

There are multiple studies out there that look at these methods and none have shown an increase in the ability to conceive naturally. On the other hand women that have intercourse three time per week without timing will have the highest chance of conception and women that have intercourse two times per week have a slightly lower chance of conceiving as compared to women that have intercourse three times per week. There is no method of timing that has shown to increase the chance of conception whether that be a calendar or an app or a urine test or a temperature, the world health organization conducted a study years ago and found that women who have intercourse three times per week would have the highest chance of conceiving and this is what you should do. Forget about the thermometers, forget about the apps, forget about the calendars, and forget about the ovulation kit, intercourse three times per week is all you need to do and you do not need to time it. If you attempt to time ovulation you can make mistakes because the urine kit can give you a wrong reading so it could read positive while its not, and its the same with the basal body temperature, and the character of cervical mucus.

On the other hand a human sperm classically, we knew that it survives three days, and we know now that it survives much longer than three days. So any attempt at more accurate timing of intercourse can expose you to missing ovulation, missing a chance to conceive, and on the other hand has never been proven to increase the chance of conception.