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Fertility Testing, Female Fertility Testing

Uploaded on August 10, 2014

Dr. Amr Azim discuss about fertility testing.

My name is Amr Azim, I am a reproductive endocrinologist at New York City IVF. If you have been trying to conceive for a while and you did not get pregnant and you’re interested in further exploring your options and your level of fertility, the initial step is to select a reproductive endocrinologist. A reproductive endocrinologist will perform some tests.

The most important test is a very good history. A good history by your physician would indicate what are the risk factors and what are the problems that can reduce your fertility. This is also followed by an examination for any physical abnormalities, and an ultrasound to investigate the abnormalities in the uterus and the ovaries as well as the number of small antral follicles that are present inside the ovaries. That is a strong indicator of your ovarian reserve and the function of the ovary. Subsequent steps would be to test whether the fallopian tubes are open and this test is performed through the injecting of a radiologic dye into the uterus and if the fallopian tubes are open they would escape into the fallopian tube and taking an x-ray would indicate the spill of the dye into the peritoneal cavity. The other test that is really important is the number, movement, and shape of sperm. So your partner will need to perform a sperm analysis and this will indicate the fertilization ability of the sperm.

A group of tests that are not related to your ability to get pregnant but to the safety of getting pregnant are also needed and these include infectious diseases, hepatitis b and c, and a genetic screening for common genetic problems and genetic problems in your ethnicity. And usually a screening of one of the partners to see if that partner carries a genetic issue, and then screening the other partner aiming at identifying the risk of transmission of genetic disease to the baby. All of this can be accomplished within a few days.