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Fertility Consultation at New York City IVF

What to expect at your first visit prior to your first fertility consultation.

We want you to feel fully informed and prepared when you first come to see us. We know that good preparation can help you get the most from your fertility consultation—and help us better understand your needs. That’s why we’re available to you at any time prior to your first visit to answer questions by phone or email.

When planning for your visit, please plan on spending about 90 minutes with your doctor. This will allow us the time we need to do a thorough exam and discuss all of your needs, questions, and concerns. We encourage you to write down any questions you may have and bring them with you to your visit.

To help us fully evaluate your needs—and provide more accurate, personalized advice—we also encourage you to bring a record of any previous testing or treatment, including:

During your fertility consultation

When you arrive for your appointment, you’ll be taken back to a private consultation room as soon as possible—usually right away. The first fertility consultation typically takes about 90 minutes.

During your visit we will conduct:

We’ll then talk about the possible issues that may reduce your fertility, any required tests needed to investigate ovarian reserve and male and tubal factors as well as prenatal tests needed before conception.

Finally, we’ll work together to outline a provisional plan for finding out the cause of your infertility—and deciding on the right treatment option. We’’ll go through each likely scenario—and the treatment options for each—as well as your expected success rate and overall prognosis. We’ll also discuss possible treatment risks, including the risk of multiple pregnancies.

After your fertility consultation

Before making any treatment decisions, we’ll need to complete all required testing, including sperm analysis, testing for tubal patency (HSG), and tests for ovarian reserve. Additional prenatal tests, including reproductive hormone assay, infectious disease profile, and genetic screening, should also be completed before attempting to conceive.

All required testing can be completed within 2 to 3 weeks of your first fertility consultation—allowing you to make a prompt decision about the next step in y our treatment plan. We’ll call you to set up a follow-up consultation—by phone or in person—to discuss the results, our recommend treatment plan, and your chances of success.

Points to consider before starting treatment:

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