Fertility Treatment

Fertility Treatment & Infertility Treatment

Simple Fertility Solutions

In the vast majority of women and men, infertility issues can be addressed, after appropriate tests, with simple advice executed at home or in few office visits. There is no need for advanced fertility technologies.

Advanced Fertility Treatments

In some women and men advanced fertility treatment is indicated as it carries higher chance for success and safer approach to achieving pregnancy. This include cases with blocked fallopian tubes, severe male factor infertility, repeated unsuccessful IUI, markedly diminished ovarian reserve, when parents carry a genetic abnormality and some women at risk for multiple pregnancy.

Why Choose New York City Fertility Treatment Center?

We recommend only so much medicine, science, and surgery as is necessary to reach your particular family building goal.

We will evaluate first if you can get pregnant safely with the simplest possible fertility solution before proceeding to advanced treatment. Actually we do not recommend IVF as the initial treatment for the majority of our patients.

If you were diagnosed with diminished egg reserve or had unsuccessful treatment cycles in the past.

Our reproductive endocrinologists have extensive expertise in selecting the stimulation protocol and other fertility treatments that improves your response and increase your chance to having a baby.